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Movies List for 2014

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I just finished compiling the list of movies I will watch this year. It has 52 entries, each to be watched at weekend, and they are:
1. Argentine – 2007 – El Orto
2. Austria – 2009 – The White Ribbon
3. Belgium – 2011 – The Kid with a Bike
4. Chile – 2009 – The Milk of Sorrow
5. China – 1987 – Red Sorghum
6. China – 1991 – Raise the Red Lantern
7. China – 1999 – Not One Less
8. China – 2007 – Lust Caution
9. Denmark – 2009 – Deliver Us from Evil
10. Finland – 2002 – The Man without a Past
11. France – 1986 – Under the Sun of Satan
12. France – 1993 – Three Colors: Blue
13. France – 1994 – Three Colors: Red
14. France – 1994 – Three Colors: White
15. France – 2008 – Un Prophete
16. France – 2010 – Of Gods and Men
17. Germany – 1987 – Wings of Desire
18. Germany – 2003 – Goodbye Lenin
19. Germany – 2006 – The Lives of Others
20. India – 2001 – Monsoon Wedding
21. India – 2008 – Slumdog Millionaire
22. Iran – 1997 – Taste of Cherry
23. Iran – 2000 – Blackboards
24. Iran – 2000 – The Circle
25. Iran – 2001 – Kandahar
26. Iran – 2007 – Persepolis
27. Iran – 2007 – A Separation
28. Israel – 2008 – Waltz with Bashir
29. Israel – 2009 – Ajami
30. Israel – 2009 – Lebanon
31. Israel – 2011 – Footnote
32. Romania – 2007 – 4 months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days
33. Sweden – 1956 – The Seventh Seal
34. Turkey – 2002 – Uzak
35. Turkey – 2007 – Egg
36. Turkey – 2008 – Milk
37. Turkey – 2010 – Honey
38. Turkey – 2011 – Once Upon a Time in Anatolia
39. UK – 1982 – The Snowman
40. USA – 1956 – The Man Who Knew too Much
41. USA – 1958 – Vertigo
42. USA – 1984 – Amadeus
43. USA – 1994 – Legends of the Fall
44. USA – 1999 – Mr. Death
45. USA – 2004 – Borat
46. USA – 2007 – Taxi to the Dark Side
47. USA – 2008 – Pray the Devil Back to Hell
48. USA – 2010 – Inside Job
49. USA – 2010 -Restrepo
50. USA – 2011 – The Tree of Life
51. USA – 2012 – Cloud Atlas
52. Yugoslavia – 1995 – Underground

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10 Impressive TED Talks

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1. John Hunter – The World Peace Game
2. Marcin Jakubowski – Open-Sourced Blueprints for Civilization
3. Hyenseo Lee – My Escape from North Korea
4. Simon Sinek – How Great Leaders Inspire Action
5. Brene Brown – The Power of Vulnerability
6. Amanda Palmer – The Art of Asking
7. Derek Sivers – How to Start a Movement
8. William Kamkwamba – How I Harnessed the Wind
9. Elizabeth Gilbert – Your Elusive Creative Genius
10. Hans Rosling – Let My Dataset Change Your Mindset

KSA Clerics’ Stand on the Death of Mandela

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Below is a translation of a post from a prominent Saudi cleric with regard to the death of Mandela, I put it at your disposal to see the true nature of the thoughts that the Saudi regime and its clergy are spreading in the region.

The post appeared on the personal website of the cleric Abdulrahmman Al-Barrak, the Arabic original can be found at:

Praise to Allah and prayers and peace upon our prophet Mohammed and his kinship and comrades,

In these days, the infidel Mandela has perished, it is said that he was godless or Nazarene(1), as it’s known through media. Some local newspapers, Arabic media stations, and news outlets started glorifying him. While the lad has nothing worth praising aside from his resistance to racism in his country and his endurance for harm in that cause, noting that he wasn’t the only one in that effort. Our Sharia doesn’t stop us from mentioning the good deeds of an infidel. Verily it’s part of being just in talking, (and when you testify, be just) (2), but this doesn’t justify the veneration and accolade mixed with respect & loyalty, while ignoring the worst of sins, which is disbelief, and also ignoring his other sins in [shaping] the policies of his country, while some trustworthy sources have reported that he was asked to become a Muslim but insisted on staying a heathen. Which makes his heathenism worse than that of the common Nazarenes, so what [will that make of him] if he was [also] Godless? The trustworthy source also reported that as well to that, he also spread corruption in the land like adultery, fornication, and drinking alcohol. [Therefore] what is this glorification in the Arab media for this demised [heathen] but for the satisfaction of the US and UN over him, as it is apparent, and because he was a Nazarene, for if he was a Muslim he would not have gained all this glorification, veneration, and amplification. It has been attributed that some fool writers were praying for mercy to this infidel –calling for mercy is greater than asking for forgiveness– and Allah has forbidden his prophet, peace be upon him, and the believers from asking forgiveness for the polytheists, he said: (It is not for the Prophet and those who have believed to ask forgiveness for the polytheists, even if they were relatives, after it has become clear to them that they are companions of Hellfire) (3) the Nazarenes are polytheist infidels, (They have certainly disbelieved who say: “Allah is the third of three.” As there is no god except one God) (4). This caller for mercy to this infidel, if he was thinking that he [Mandela] has true religion, then [the caller for mercy] has fallen in a contradiction that invalidates [his] Islam. [Then] if the caller knew [that Mandela is an infidel] and insisted [on calling for mercy to him], then [the caller for mercy] is an apostate(5). But if he wasn’t believing in the validity of the religion of this Nazarene, then his calling for mercy to him is ignorance & astray, and [who practices that] has committed a crime according to the religion of Islam and the consensus of the clerics. So, O Muslims, fear Allah, and you journalists beware of your slips of tongue and pen, as you will be asked about what you write and say. (So by your Lord, We will surely question them all * About what they used to do) (6).

Dictated by

Abdulrahman Bin Nasser Al-Barrak

Faculty member (formerly) at the University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University

Written on Sunday 5 Safar 1435 AH


(1) Salafi extremists refer to Christians as Nazarenes, which means from Nazareth, or those who supported the Christ, because some passages in the Quran uses that term and also to avoid using the term Christians.

(2) Quran(6:152)

(3) Quran (9:113)

(4) Quran (5:73)

(5) The punishment for apostasy in Sharia is death.

(6) Quran (15:92-93)


Rami Abdulrahman, Muslim Brotherhood, and Human Rights Observatory

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It seems that becoming a member of the Muslim Brotherhood gives you a permanent ticket to be a guest at extinguished news oultles like the BBC these days. Well after second thoughts, not so extinguished outlets in case of BBC!
Anyway, let’s look at this magnificent character Rami Abdulrahman, who is quoted worldwide and has become the international reference for casualty statistics in Syria.
Unlike many opposition figures who were public employees working for the the regime before the events, Mr. Abdulrahman made the right choice of entering the private sector from the start.
His real name is Osama Ali Sulayman and his nickname is the kurdish. He used to live in Banyas, a coastal city on the Mediterranean, but he is originally from Izaz, a village in the governorate of Aleppo.
This Osama, the self proclaimed human activist and an expert on international law as the media calls him, doesn’t hold more than an elementary school certificate, i. e. he didn’t spend more than 6 years in school, 8 years if we count Kindergarten.
He is married to Etab Rakhamieh, a fine lady from Banyas that had a Muslim Brotherhood upbringing.

After his marital status and the fine education he received, I think it’s time to take a look at his experience.
At the beginning, Osama started his career by choosing an eco friendly job, he wanted a cleaner world, so he became a janitor then was promoted to become a sanitary worker cleaning the streets of Banyas, this green job was the seed of his activism. It is thought that he learned the international human rights declaration from the back of a thrown newspaper he found in the bins of Banyas’ backyards.
Soon after he finished his human rights research, our beloved Osama experienced a significant career shift and became a very successful doorman at Banyas Cinema, it is thought that here he was exposed to Holywood movies that fed his wild imagination and the scenarios he keeps feeding the BBC nowadays. Again here Osama worked on himself, and learned law by watching 21 times the movie of Tom Cruise “The Firm” and memorizing the script of “My Cousin Vinny”.
Socially, his neighbours claim that he put his previous education in human rights & understanding of the law into a good use, as he never wasted a chance to show them his bad manners and was continuously beating his sisters & old aunt who was living with them. It’s noteworthy, that this aunt, Ms. Sultana, was once thrown by him from his second floor house to the street, and only the intervention of doctor Izat Abdulah, saved her life and cured her wounds.
That was the life of Mr. Osama, AKA Rami Abdulrahman, in Syria, then he left to the UK as an illegal immigrant and continued his extinguished career in law and human rights by working to make less hungry people in the world and becoming an outstanding waiter in one of London restaurants.
Suddenly, in 2011 our Osama, became a renowned figure in the arena of human rights and geopolitics of the Middle East. He is now the one and only source of information for the world about casualties in Syria, all numbers published by the BBC, Al-Jazeera, CNN, and even the UN, use the numbers of this guy and his fictitious human rights observatory.
That was just to shed a little bit of light on those who shape your opinions and feed you news. Next time you hear the name of Syrian Observatory of Human Rights or Rami Abdulrahman, remember this post.

Egypt revolting against the Islamists

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In the past week Egypt, witnessed widespread protests against the Islamists rule. Around 70 people were killed and hundreds wounded while more than a thousand were arrested.
Following are images of the protests in various egyptian cities.







عن الله ومن يحكمون باسمه

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ان العقلية الدينية البالية التي تبرر ﺃفعال السلف وتنزه الصحابة عن الخطﺃ وتلمع شخصياتهم وتحيطها بهالة من القداسة تضاهي قداسة الذات الإلهية نفسها انما تفعل ذلك لسبب واحد فقط وهو تطبيق نفس الشيء على حكام هذا الزمن وتنزيههم عن الخطﺃ ومنحهم القداسة الإلهية ليسوقوا شعوبهم كيفما شاؤوا ويبقوا هذه الشعوب المهتاجة في ملكوت الله ﺃكبر همها تحديد عمر النبي نوح وعدد الحور العين والتفكر في عذاب القبر وعلامات الساعة بينما تقوم تلك الطغمة الحاكمة بﺃمر الله بﺃكل الﺃخضر واليابس.

حين يبتعد الاقتراب

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ماذا يكون الماضي حين أنظر بعين السفر؟
ويصبح المنفى ظلا للمنفى وتصبح الذكرى جسد المنفى نفسه.
في هذا الهواء الذي أتنفسه دم يقطر من دمنا. فيه حاضرٌ جاء من المستقبل وكتب برائحتك حروف الماضي.
لكلماتك يا حبيبتي جسد حي يكسر قامة الزمن ويذيب خاصرة المسافة؛ فذكراك طليعة الحاضر وذاكرة المستقبل، وفي تنهداتك لا يتحزأ الزمن ويصبح البعد حركة اقتراب وتتداخل الحدود في داخل النفس وتتسع وتتسع معها حيرة الروح ويعرق جبينها نزفا من الفؤاد.

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Interview with Jordan’s Foreign Minister on Twitter!

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Khaled El Ahmad (@Shusmo) is interviewing his excellency the foreign minister of Jordan Nasser Joudeh (@NasserJudeh) tonight on twitter. Below is what I could gather and understand of this interview amid all the noise and static in the twittersphere! The interview used the hashtag: #QFMJO

@Shusmo asks:

OK, a bunch of questions were about the same topic, so I’m gonna tweet all 4 questions because it is the same answer

#QFMJO @DnJihadSoaileek : How serious is the latest media driven debate on Jordan-US nuclear disagreement?

#QFMJO @MayseNababteh : How true is it that Israel is trying to disrupt our efforts 4 nuclear energy? What r we doing 2 preserve our RIGHT?

#QFMJO @Elsalameen : Why do you think Israel is sabotaging Jordan’s nuclear program? Can you name an instance of Israel doing so?

#QFMJO @tarawnah : R there any circmstnces under which #Jordan wld yield its right 2 develop nuclear energy due 2 #Israeli & #USA pressure?

@NasserJudeh responds:

@Tarawnah #QFMJO absolutly not. jordan’s peaceful neoclear energy program is a strategic requirement 4Jordan. There is not US pressure(con)

#QFMJO there is not Us pressure not to proceed with the program on the contrary there is support for this (con)

#QFMJo as expressed recently by the state dep. discussions are ongoing with the US to finalize NCA similar to ones signed with others (con)

#QFMJO israel may have tried to throw a spanner in the works in our discussion with other countries but this will not deter us (con)

#QFMJO and our Neoclear program is proceeding on schedule. neoclear energy for jordan is not a lucxtury but a question of survival.

#QFMJO given our reliance on imported energy, which takes its heavy toll on our economy. All our friends appreciate this.

@Shusmo asks:

Thank you, Now I have 3 questions tackling the same issue which will shoot all 3 at once for the same answer #QFMJO

#QFMJO @MohannedA : Other than providing support for the anti- terror “global” effort, what leverage do we REALLY have on the world stage?

#QFMJO @MayseNababteh : Pls clarify what our role is in the global fight against so-called #terrorism? Why r we in #Afghanistan?

#QFMJO @tarawnah : Are there plans for Jordan to inform its public where it has sent troops & their role in the so-called “war on terror”?

@NasserJudeh responds:

@MohannedA #QFMJO providing support? We are in this effort primarly to protect our own national interests and citizens. need i remind (con)

#QFMJo need i remind how many times we were targeted by terror and how many innocent lives we have lost?

#QFMJO and yes in order for this to be effective it has to be in concert with the golbale network. as for laverage; experience, respect (con

#QFMJO our leadership’s vision and wisdom and stature on the world stage to name but a few factors contributing to laverage.

@Shusmo asks:

#QFMJO @zsafwan : How does #Jordan view new #Turkish role in region? Will role help change rules of the game for region?

@NasserJudeh responds:

#QFMJO Turkey is an important neighbour to our region and is attempting to contribute positvely to quest of peace as are many other (con)

@Shusmo asks:

#QFMJO @bataleh :اسرائيل تقول لا دوله فلسطينية بل تتحدث عن الاردن كوطن بديل ونحن نصر ان هناك سلام و نحمي سفيرها بعمان وهم يقصفون غزة !لماذا؟

@NasserJudeh responds:

#QFMJO الاردن ليس وطنا بديلا لاحد. فلسطين هي فلسطين والاردن هو الاردن وكل من يدعي او يروج لغير ذلك هو واهم @bataleh ÷ما بالنسبة لغزة Con)

#QFMJO اما بالنسبة لغزة فموقف جلالة الملك المعظم الثابت هة بضرورة وحتمية رفع الحصار الجائر عن اهلنا في غزة وبوجود المستشفى الميداني

#QFMJO العسكري ومئات قوافل الااغاثة والمساعدات الطبية والانسانية والغذائية لغزة كنا فعليا اول من كسر الحصار قولا وفعلا

#QFMJO والاردن يسخر كافة علاقاته الدبلوماسية لخدمة القضايا العربية وفي جوهرها القضية الفلسطينية واهله

@Shusmo asks:

#QFMJO @Priapus_D : Will #Jordan play a MORE active role in the solution to the #Arab #Israeli Conflict?

@NasserJudeh responds:

#QFMJO forgive me for saying that this a rhetorical question as no one has played a more active role in the quest for peace in our region

@Shusmo asks:

#QFMJO @Priapus_D : In this time of shifting sands how is #Jordan going to adjust it’s international Alliances?

@NasserJudeh responds:

#QFMJO please forgive spelling mistakes as i am typing very fast with two fingers but you get the general drift i hope.
@Shusmo replies:
@NasserJudeh Yes we we got it 🙂 thank you #QFMJO
@NasserJudeh responds:
Jordan’s foreign policy is not 1 that is based on axies & or alliances it’s one based on concensus building and a collective effort. #QFMJO
HM Traverls the world to bring opp. to Jordan & to focus intl attention on regional challanges and need to collectivly address them #QFMJO

@Shusmo asks:

#QFMJO I have few questions in regards to #Jordan Embassies abroad will shoot them together
#QFMJO @RaniaWreikat : Why doesn’t Foreign Ministry have a more informative Portal,with each embassy & consulate website being part of it?
#QFMJO @KhalilWahhab :had a question about creating an English website 4 the Ministry & some of the foreign Embassy websites are unavailable
#QFMJO @RaniaWreikat : Why don’t #Jordan embassies set up Jordanian schools abroad for our children? most of the other embassies do
#QFMJO @RaniaWreikat : Why cant Jordanian expats vote through embassies? why do we lose this basic right?

@NasserJudeh responds:

#QFMJO We do have the mininstry’s website in both english and Arabic, they are undergoing redesign and redevelopment.

@Shusmo asks:

#QFMJO @MohannedA : How is the #Obama doctrine any different from the #Bush doctrine as it relates to #Jordan and its foreign policy?

@NasserJudeh responds:

#QFMJO No different in HM’s meetings with Obama since he took office there has been nothing but reaffermation of strong bond between (con)
#QFMJO between 2 contries and appreciation for jordan’s imp. role in region as a voice of reason and vision. This feeling is carried (con)
#QFMJO from adminstarion to adminstration. @MohannedA

@Shusmo asks:

#QFMJO @HamzehN : Can u plz share short-to-medium term goals on ministry’s current agenda? Can u comment on obstacles u face WITHIN #JO?

@NasserJudeh responds:

#QFMJO @ Building on work of pervious ministers and ensuring that diplomatic corp is eqpt, trained and supported 2 carry out it’s (con)
#QFMJO it’s dutiesa in implemnting HM’s visions and policies. i always say that HM with the respect that he has around the world cont.
#QFMJO opens the door and creats opp. it is up to us to walk through these doors and do our work. this requires a polished cont.
#QFMJO diplomatic corp and attracting a new generation of young energetic jordanian men and women surving their country here and abroad/
that is my dream here at the ministry. empower those who are here and attract talent into the system. #QFMJO

@Shusmo asks:

#QFMJO @mirqab Do u agree with a governmental project to edu ppl about political parties b4 rushing to the elections?
#QFMJO @mirqab : As proper elections require the presence of political parties ,do u think we r ready for non-tribal elections?

@NasserJudeh responds:

#QFMJO I think this is a question for others in the gov. and although I am not short of an answer lets stick to foreign policy cont.
#QFMJO refere to what HM & PM said recently on vision for the kind of political parliamentary representation Jordanians should aspire Cont
2 truely reflect our country’s vision for the future. #QFMJO

@Shusmo asks:

#QFMJO @DnJihadSoaileek : How do u view the future role of #JO diplomatic mission in bridging the gap with Jordanians abroad?

@NasserJudeh responds:

an essential componant of the work of Jordanian embassies abraod is maintaing channels with jordanian communities abraod cont. #QFMJO
#QFMJO we do everything in our power 2 facilitate and meet needs of Jordanians abroad and provide cont.
them wih assistance required 2 maintain links with their homeland #QFMJO

@Shusmo say:

Thank you Your Excellency @NasserJudeh we are having a 10 minutes break and we will resume afterwards #QFMJO

@NasserJudeh responds:

#QFMJO shall we

@Shusmo says:

Welcome back #QFMJO

@Shusmo asks:

#QFMJO @tarawnah : #JO has so far failed to attract large- scale foreign invstmnt, what needs 2b done 2 attract giants like #Google & #Nike?

@NasserJudeh responds:

#QFMJO @tarawnah electricity,energy, water, telecom,DISI,aQABA, hotels, kh business park, all and much more. Hardly failure.cont
#QFMJO @tarawnah not to mention Maktoob`s recent success with Yahoo. doesnt mean we cant do more and we r trying.

@NasserJudeh Good answer thank you #QFMJO

@Shusmo asks:

#QFMJO @MohannedA : What would it take 2 withdraw the #Jo #ambassador from #Israel?

@NasserJudeh responds:

#QFMJO @MohannedA In the recent flotilla incident it was Jordanian diplomacy contacts with many, including Israel that secured release of the passengers. Like I said, Jordan’s diplomatic ties r utilised to serve the Palestinian Cause and exert pressure when necessary.

@Shusmo says:

I have 2 more questions before we wrap up #QFMJO

@Shusmo asks:

@bataleh : ما الذي يحدد حضور او عدم حضور الاردن لأي قمة عربية ؟

@NasserJudeh responds:

@bataleh #QFMJO الاردن تاريخيا لم يتخلف عن حضور اي قمة عربية ودائما يحرص على الاجماع العربي والعمل العربي المشترك. ولذلك الاردن دائما يشارك

@Shusmo asks:

#QFMJO @SamiaQ: How to encourage US/EU to send more aid for Iraqi refugees since they r stuck n jordan? we cant ignore them after all

@NasserJudeh responds:

@SamiaQ iraqis in jordan r not refugees even though they r here in large no. we share with tem wot lit we have as our guests & #QFMJO
#QFMJO and brethrens and yes this has an added toll on our economy. we have received aid in past and cont. to seek intl help in this regard.

@Shusmo says:

Those are all the question we have for His Excellency @NasserJudeh this is not the end, but rather the beginning of a dialogue #QFMJO
I would like to thank His Excellency @NasserJudeh, much appreciated and hope this is the start of something positive #QFMJO

@NasserJudeh responds:

@Shusmo My pleasure I enjoyed it thoroughly brought back good memories of when I used to do this as minster of inf. #QFMJO cont
#QFMJO in fact I remember a night like this one when i sat late into the night with my good friend marwan jumah @ICTMIN in the mid 90’s cont
#QFMJO hve set an example of how to be close to people whether in real life or cyber space and we are trying to follow that example cont
#QFMJO today we see the PM and several ministerws and officials not only on twitter but everywhere. this is the beauty of our beloved jordan
#QFMJO if I have not answered any remaining question by all means keep them coming and I promise to answer in due course. Thank u @Shusmo
#QFMJO and thanks to my entire team whose suppopset in always invaluable. lets do another session soon! Good Night!

Three Cities Three Universes

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Your environment has a very important print on your life, if not shaping your life, it might be your life. But what happens when you have three environments?

Here I will talk about those cities that affect my life; the City of Jasmin (Damascus), the Damsel of the Mediterranean (Beirut), and the lost city of Amman. What is peculiar about those three places is that geographic proximity did not decease the striking differences between them. Although all of them share a long history that can teach other cities the delicacies of the art of living, they shun that mutual past and stride blindly in the tracks of the unknown to shape their present. In their blind walk, each is taking a different path.

800px-damascus_by_nightFrom the zaffarn filled air of old Damascus that is broken by shouts of tradesmen and calls to prayer to the dullness of the mute concrete towers in Mezzeh, there is a gap filled by 1001 stories.

The cries of the streets that are over crowded by all types of vehicles (from donkey driven carts and three wheels torteras to the 500 S AMG Mercedes’ that cruise the neat square of Malki) are only matched by the coos and wing-clapping of the pigeons that fills the Omayyad Mosque. History can be felt here, you can see it by looking at its sky. You can smell it through its old souqs and dungeous.You can touch it in every handshake you make. The voices of the wind crawling around Qasyoun Mountain tells you the stories that were, are, and will be. But only Barada and Ain el-Fiejeh can let you feel its taste.

While in Beirut you wonder if the Mediterranean waves hit the beaches of the city or the city is the one torturing the Mediterranean. Is it the beauty mark on the cheek of the coast or is it a tumor lurking between its waves and mountain? Although you can still barely feel those Phoenician Vessels wounding the surface of the sea, the asphalt of the al-Hamra, Verdun and Jumaizeh has a total different story to tell.


Amman on the other hand is the total opposite. No smells fill the air of Amman. No sounds cut through its space, and no contrast can be found between it wide-spreading neighborhoods and suburbs. Lifeless as it might seem, it is still the cradle of more than three million persons who are hidden by the dark magic this city casts over their lives. I wonder how can a city in the size of Amman seems so quit, while each second millions of breaths are cast into its air. How can those thin walls hide all the laughter produced by its children and absorbs all the tears of all those lovers?

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