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KSA Clerics’ Stand on the Death of Mandela

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Below is a translation of a post from a prominent Saudi cleric with regard to the death of Mandela, I put it at your disposal to see the true nature of the thoughts that the Saudi regime and its clergy are spreading in the region.

The post appeared on the personal website of the cleric Abdulrahmman Al-Barrak, the Arabic original can be found at:

Praise to Allah and prayers and peace upon our prophet Mohammed and his kinship and comrades,

In these days, the infidel Mandela has perished, it is said that he was godless or Nazarene(1), as it’s known through media. Some local newspapers, Arabic media stations, and news outlets started glorifying him. While the lad has nothing worth praising aside from his resistance to racism in his country and his endurance for harm in that cause, noting that he wasn’t the only one in that effort. Our Sharia doesn’t stop us from mentioning the good deeds of an infidel. Verily it’s part of being just in talking, (and when you testify, be just) (2), but this doesn’t justify the veneration and accolade mixed with respect & loyalty, while ignoring the worst of sins, which is disbelief, and also ignoring his other sins in [shaping] the policies of his country, while some trustworthy sources have reported that he was asked to become a Muslim but insisted on staying a heathen. Which makes his heathenism worse than that of the common Nazarenes, so what [will that make of him] if he was [also] Godless? The trustworthy source also reported that as well to that, he also spread corruption in the land like adultery, fornication, and drinking alcohol. [Therefore] what is this glorification in the Arab media for this demised [heathen] but for the satisfaction of the US and UN over him, as it is apparent, and because he was a Nazarene, for if he was a Muslim he would not have gained all this glorification, veneration, and amplification. It has been attributed that some fool writers were praying for mercy to this infidel –calling for mercy is greater than asking for forgiveness– and Allah has forbidden his prophet, peace be upon him, and the believers from asking forgiveness for the polytheists, he said: (It is not for the Prophet and those who have believed to ask forgiveness for the polytheists, even if they were relatives, after it has become clear to them that they are companions of Hellfire) (3) the Nazarenes are polytheist infidels, (They have certainly disbelieved who say: “Allah is the third of three.” As there is no god except one God) (4). This caller for mercy to this infidel, if he was thinking that he [Mandela] has true religion, then [the caller for mercy] has fallen in a contradiction that invalidates [his] Islam. [Then] if the caller knew [that Mandela is an infidel] and insisted [on calling for mercy to him], then [the caller for mercy] is an apostate(5). But if he wasn’t believing in the validity of the religion of this Nazarene, then his calling for mercy to him is ignorance & astray, and [who practices that] has committed a crime according to the religion of Islam and the consensus of the clerics. So, O Muslims, fear Allah, and you journalists beware of your slips of tongue and pen, as you will be asked about what you write and say. (So by your Lord, We will surely question them all * About what they used to do) (6).

Dictated by

Abdulrahman Bin Nasser Al-Barrak

Faculty member (formerly) at the University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University

Written on Sunday 5 Safar 1435 AH


(1) Salafi extremists refer to Christians as Nazarenes, which means from Nazareth, or those who supported the Christ, because some passages in the Quran uses that term and also to avoid using the term Christians.

(2) Quran(6:152)

(3) Quran (9:113)

(4) Quran (5:73)

(5) The punishment for apostasy in Sharia is death.

(6) Quran (15:92-93)



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