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Rami Abdulrahman, Muslim Brotherhood, and Human Rights Observatory

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It seems that becoming a member of the Muslim Brotherhood gives you a permanent ticket to be a guest at extinguished news oultles like the BBC these days. Well after second thoughts, not so extinguished outlets in case of BBC!
Anyway, let’s look at this magnificent character Rami Abdulrahman, who is quoted worldwide and has become the international reference for casualty statistics in Syria.
Unlike many opposition figures who were public employees working for the the regime before the events, Mr. Abdulrahman made the right choice of entering the private sector from the start.
His real name is Osama Ali Sulayman and his nickname is the kurdish. He used to live in Banyas, a coastal city on the Mediterranean, but he is originally from Izaz, a village in the governorate of Aleppo.
This Osama, the self proclaimed human activist and an expert on international law as the media calls him, doesn’t hold more than an elementary school certificate, i. e. he didn’t spend more than 6 years in school, 8 years if we count Kindergarten.
He is married to Etab Rakhamieh, a fine lady from Banyas that had a Muslim Brotherhood upbringing.

After his marital status and the fine education he received, I think it’s time to take a look at his experience.
At the beginning, Osama started his career by choosing an eco friendly job, he wanted a cleaner world, so he became a janitor then was promoted to become a sanitary worker cleaning the streets of Banyas, this green job was the seed of his activism. It is thought that he learned the international human rights declaration from the back of a thrown newspaper he found in the bins of Banyas’ backyards.
Soon after he finished his human rights research, our beloved Osama experienced a significant career shift and became a very successful doorman at Banyas Cinema, it is thought that here he was exposed to Holywood movies that fed his wild imagination and the scenarios he keeps feeding the BBC nowadays. Again here Osama worked on himself, and learned law by watching 21 times the movie of Tom Cruise “The Firm” and memorizing the script of “My Cousin Vinny”.
Socially, his neighbours claim that he put his previous education in human rights & understanding of the law into a good use, as he never wasted a chance to show them his bad manners and was continuously beating his sisters & old aunt who was living with them. It’s noteworthy, that this aunt, Ms. Sultana, was once thrown by him from his second floor house to the street, and only the intervention of doctor Izat Abdulah, saved her life and cured her wounds.
That was the life of Mr. Osama, AKA Rami Abdulrahman, in Syria, then he left to the UK as an illegal immigrant and continued his extinguished career in law and human rights by working to make less hungry people in the world and becoming an outstanding waiter in one of London restaurants.
Suddenly, in 2011 our Osama, became a renowned figure in the arena of human rights and geopolitics of the Middle East. He is now the one and only source of information for the world about casualties in Syria, all numbers published by the BBC, Al-Jazeera, CNN, and even the UN, use the numbers of this guy and his fictitious human rights observatory.
That was just to shed a little bit of light on those who shape your opinions and feed you news. Next time you hear the name of Syrian Observatory of Human Rights or Rami Abdulrahman, remember this post.


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