Priapus Dionysis

A Summay of my Tweets on Burqa (Niqab) Ban

Posted in اليومية by Priapus_D on July 15, 2010

Yesterday I had a discussion with @DarthNader and others on Twitter about the issue of banning #Burqa in France. While I reviewed my profile, I thought that I can make a small thought in Mirrors on the Way only by aggregating my tweets, therefore having a blog post about my view on that matter. Here is what I came up with:

#Burqa ban isn’t about limiting clothing choices, it’s about giving you the right to your identity. Absolute hypocrisy is to abuse freedom to create oppression. The hypocrisy is that the people who are for the choice of wearing the #Burqa are not for the choice of taking it off! People can liberate themselves only when they see light not stay locked up in darkness. a #Burqa bans a woman’s life, while a #BurqaBan frees her from that chain of darkness. Therefore, I argue that it should be called Freedom-From-Burqa instead of #BurqaBan.


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