Priapus Dionysis

The Infertility of Chaos

Posted in My Cities My Life by Priapus_D on March 1, 2010

It has been around six years since the Syrians left Lebanon. Yet nothing has changed there. The filthy streets stayed filthy and full of holes. In the past they were claiming that the cause of this ugly state of affairs is the Syrian army, which did it’s  best to stop the Lebanese from organising themselves and becoming better. But, now with them out, things seems worse than before.

I stayed for less than 12 hours in Beirut, yet I counted 20 cars passing on the red light, I also observed three vehicles moving in the wrong direction through narrow one way streets. I also could not fail to notice two beggars being spat upon from the windows of luxurious German cars.

In Al-Hambra Street, I could not understand who would buy $400 imitated Italian shoes, to walk in them through these sewage flooded streets; for after the stormy night, parts of Beirut looked more like Venice.

But what really entrained me is the rich vocabulary that passers by have for the world whore. For in a 10 minute walk, to a corner grocery shop, I heard the word whore used 27 times in 27 flavours. I guess only a true poet can appreciate such a linguistic fertility.

I went there hoping to apply for the American University in Beirut, but after seeing the chaos of that city, I only pray to God to have mercy on the souls of the poor people living there.

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