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Sweet Soar Amman

Posted in My Cities My Life by Priapus_D on July 8, 2009

Finally I got you Amman. Finally I feel the sweet soar taste of revenge. Many nights you made my soul bleed the tears of sadness because of your arrogance and inflated sense of self esteem. So many days your deserts lied to the fools who thought they were green pasture plains. Even your oasis of pride is dry today. The dunes finally understood that they can not face the mountains. Cry, for you have caused many tears. Cry for the damask robes you torn to wear your shiny polyester gowns. Weep, for the all the wheat stalks you sold to buy your golden dunes, and the domes you exchanged for your damp concrete ugliness.  A faulty spirit can never rival a righteous one. A dark basement can not darken the sunny sky. Stop your hypocrisy and stop lying to yourself and to the others.

No matter how much hard you change your skin, your heart will always be oriental. your fancy new brothels will never rival the seraglio. Your bedwin accented english can not shout as load as the letters the Nabateans carved in your stones.

Before throwing away your dishdash, do not just bring a black tie, try to learn how to wear it. All your Lanvin and Armani stores do not hold one real bow tie. None of your children knows how to tie it. None of your shiny towers hold an event that requires you to wear one.

Go back to your dishdash, for at least you know what it is.

I cry of you and on you.I cry from the pain the monster you turned into causes me. I cry when I see what a monster you became. The letters of your name are falling like the teeth of an old witch, yet you dance in Jara like a young vestal virgin. Do you know who you are. Do you still remember………?

Wake up ….. you can lead again….!

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