Priapus Dionysis

War and Peace

Posted in اليومية by Priapus_D on January 13, 2009

Today temperatures are dropping below 0 in Amman, the official reading of Jordan meteorology Department is -2 Co but my personal thermometer is reading -3 Co, The Air conditioning unit is not installed and our boiler is not working and have no diesel, I tried the gas heater but it did not warm the house, I then opened the electric heater and both of those did not increase the temperature of the house for more than 12Co, so running out of options I filled that big copper Manqal I brought from Aleppo as a decoration to our Arabian room with coal and lit it up. It made a huge difference, not only did it raise the temperature in the house to 22 Co but the view of the fire in such cold nights is magnificent. Seeing those orange flames fills the heart with warmth as does the smell of the roasting chestnuts that I left on top of the Manqal.

41fdyjcg3ml_ss500_Anyway, having such cold weather reminded me of Russia, so I put some music by Tchaikovsky, first it was the swan lake, then the 1812 overture, and finally the Marche Slave. The music coupled with the coldness, made me have a small bite of Russia (only the snow is missing) and now having finished my work and looking for something to fill the gap of time till I feel sleepy, I got a crazy idea. Why not reading the War and Peace by Tolstoy? Well it is a huge volume, and every time I look at it the size just fills me with fear, for I do not know if I will ever be able to finish it. Anyway, decision take! I will begin to read it, I even downloaded a text version that can be uploaded and read from my imate so I can read in the comforts and warmth of the bed, what is left then is how many days it will take me to finish this huge novel?


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