Priapus Dionysis

First Timer

Posted in My Cities My Life by Priapus_D on November 30, 2008

This is my first time to try to select some words, from them into sentences, edit them, archive them, then label them as a blog entry. Or in simpler way, this is my first time to write.

I do not know why I feel intimidated by this simple action. It feels as if I am going to build a skyscraper not just write a few lines. I only hope that I would be able to write something which would be productive, something that might help someone, something that is good. Though, I may only just spill lots of digital ink to end up with something that can only be described as nonsense.

Having many empty hours in the day along with a very provocative environment that surrounds me, were the main reason to start this blog. Empty hours can have a very destructive effect on the mind; they should start printing black minds and health warnings on empty hours of calendars the same way that they print black lungs and health warning on cigarette packets. On the other hand living in the Middle East is like living under 20 tones of burden, and if you leave such a weight on your chest, you have only three options: suffer an early heart attack like me, give out a small fortune to a shrink, or turn out to be a middle eastern freak like many of us. Suffering from those two diseases, I started this blog, hoping it might be a fourth alternative to the choices I have just mentioned.

I will write here about provocative experience that I endure in my never ending drama. Believe or not, some of that drama can turn to be hilarious comedies or at least interesting to read about. I have no coherent set of ideas that I want to advertise, no formal dogma or ideology to brag about, I only have chaotic ideas that are really hard to connect with no planned agenda.

I welcome you to this jungle of words may you, I , and every body else come out of it with no snake bites or malaria.


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